Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird 1.5 install on red hat 9
Author Myles Wakeham
When I did my RedHat Linux 9 installation of FB 1.5 SS, I found all of the
answers to these questions in the release notes that were for the software.
I actually didn't expect to find them there, but there are a bunch of things
that you have to do in regards to the user name, etc. that are covered in
the release notes.

Try hunting around on and see what you come up with. As
for automatic starting of the server, it automatically placed an entry in my
/etc/rc.d file that starts up with Linux. I'm surprised that it didn't do
this on your installation. Again check the release notes, etc. for
information on this.

The only thing that might concern me is if the 1.5.1 version notes have
clobbered the wisdom in the 1.5 release notes. I found the 1.5 version
installation notes to be a breeze to work with.


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> Myles, thank you very much, it is working now, what can I do to make
> the firebird server start automatically when the linux box starts??
> I ran into another problem with the password It used to be masterkey,
> but I noticed that this installation generated a diferent one
> Thanks a lot for your help
> Alejandro J.
> > OK, now try your previous connection test. Also check that you now
> see the
> > fbserver and fbguard entries in the ps command I gave you
> previously.
> >
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