Subject Re: [firebird-support] Big DB
Author Martijn Tonies
Hi Chad,

> We have an application that used to use big indexed flat files. Then we
> moved the indexes and some things into DBISAM but kept all the "blob" data
> external, and had ready made indexes external etc.. It all worked very
> except even the DB part was getting big and DBISAM occasionly would
> things.
> We've moved it to FB and deciced to move ALL data into the DB. The old
> system was VERY fast, but pruning itmes out of the blobs was very
> because you had to repack the file and update the ready made indexes,
> So we've converted and my resulting GDB is 1.2 GB without any indexes. Im
> adding indexes now....
> 1) Any tips? Will FB have trouble with this DB or potentially larger? The

Not at all.

> structure is pretty small, just 6 tables or so. Most of the data is in two
> tables. Tehre are very few joins, mostly simple lookups in fact.
> 2) One of the common lookups is by a unique integer field. No problem..
> one of the common lookups is on a varchar 100. In our old system we took a
> 32 bit hash of this field and put it in a "index". When we wanted to
> we scaned for matching hashes. If more than one, then we comparedt eh
> text of those with matching hashes. Very fast....
> Now I assume FB does something simlar for #2? Should we bother with this
> just index the varchar 100 and let FB takie care of it? Rigth now it's a
> straight port, so its still doing it. Also how will FB store this as an
> idnex?

Indexing a varchar 100 is fine.

With regards,

Martijn Tonies
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