Subject Re: insert statement
Author kaczy27
> > I want to enter new record into this table so I tried all of the
> > below:
> > insert into obiekty; <- that would be particulary nice
> Insert what?
nothing, just insert, had the server tried, it would find out that
the field is filled by the trigger, and all constraints are

> > the statement
> > insert into obiekty (id) values(null);
> > worked, but on all other occassion I could skip the ID column
> >
> > what is suggested by SQL92 - can I ommit autoincremented fields
> > queries?
> There's no auto-increment field. Firebird doesn't support auto-
> fields. What you have is a _pseudo_ auto-increment field.
yes, I know that

> You can ommit any fields that:
> - are defined as NULLable
> - get filled by triggers
I understand that you mean 'or' between this options
which in this case is completed, I have the field that is filled by
a trigger

If you didn't mean 'or' than I do not agree
Had I added another_varchar_field to this table (leaving the not
null attribute with ID field), I could use:
insert into obiekty (another_varchar_field) values('anything');
and firebird would happily proceed, allowing me to omit pseudo_auto-
incremented id field

but that was just a fun case I was wondering over (I should be
leaving the office hour ago)

Have a nice day everyone

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