Subject Re: 100% CPU Usage
Author caduvix2003
Dear Helen Borrie;

Thank you for your fast response and comprehensive message. For all
the group, sorry for have posted my original message twice but when I
posted it for the 1st time I just have subscribed the group and
didn't have received the answer in my mailbox.

About the problem, Helen, sorry but it is not solved yet. I use
GDS32.DLL, and, in fact the most part of the client were running an
older version. I updated it in all the client machines, searched and
deleted the prior versions and rebooted, one by one. However I'm
still getting that abnormal 100% CPU usage.

You asked me something about the application, well, it also requires
the use of MIDAS.DLL. Can you tell me if an incorrect version of this
library can affect the server's performance?

Maybe you have an alternative way to take.

Thanks in advance.
Carlos Eduardo Oliveira

--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...>
> At 08:59 PM 19/08/2004 +0000, you wrote:
> >Dear Friends;
> >
> >I run Firebird Superserver 1.5.1 in a Dell Server Intel Pentium
> >2,4Ghz / 1.256Mb RAM. This server hosts a single database which
> >in the main table, around 30.000 registries.
> >
> >It's an excelent machine and the number of simoultaneous users are
> >quite low (average of 25 to 35 users).
> >
> >However I'm having, too frequently, CPU usage reports with peaks of
> >100% CPU usage for a period of 10-20 seconds, in simple queries,
> >which is affecting the system performance in the client machines.
> >your information I don't have other relevant services running in
> >same server.
> >
> >Recently I have installed a Firebird's configurator tool and did
> >several changes in the database's caching parameters. These changes
> >resulted in a little performance's improvement but did not solve
> >problem of the peaks.
> >
> >In my tests I rebooted the server and started uniquelly the
> >service. Then, connected from a workstation (Duron 1,2Ghz, Windows
> >2000 Pro, in a LAN environment 100Mbits) and performed a simple
> >query. The server responded normally (60% CPU usage, < 1 sec).
> >
> >So I conected from another workstating (Duron 1,2Ghz, Windows 2000
> >Pro, LAN environment too) while I kept the first client in IDLE
> >using the system). Once I tried to perform the same query which I
> >before, the server used 100% of the CPU and took 10 seconds to
> >
> >As you can see when I have 2 simoultaneous connections the CPU
> >behaves annormaly slow.
> >
> >Anyone can help me?
> The first thing to look at is whether the problem client is using
> correct client library. Using the wrong client is the most common
> for the problem you describe.
> You don't say what application is being used at the client.
However, most
> Windows tools look for a client library named gds32.dll located in
> Windows system directory.
> However, the client library for Fb 1.5 is fbclient.dll, located in
> Firebird's bin directory on the server. In order for your clients
> connect safely to the Fb 1.5 server, they must use a version of
this client
> library.
> Check the version number of gds32.dll on **all** of the client
machines by
> inspecting the file's property sheet. If you are using the Fb
> release, the version number shown at the top of the Version tab
page should
> be and the Product Version attribute should be For
> Fb 1.5 the strings would be and,
> respectively. Product Version must match the Product Version on
> property sheet of fbserver.exe (or fb_inet_server.exe) that the
server is
> running.
> Depending on what you selected when you installed the server, you
may or
> may not have a "compatibility" version of gds32.dll in this bin
> directory. If it is there, copy it to the clients' system
directory. If
> it is not there, you can create it by running the instclient.exe
> also in the bin directory. For instructions, see the file
> README.Win32LibraryInstallation.txt in Firebird's doc directory.
> If you are using a third-party tool on these client machines, also
> the directory where the tool application is installed. If you find
a wrong
> version of the client library there, delete or rename it and
replace it
> with the correct one.
> Don't use the wrong version of the command-line tools from clients,
> /heLen