Subject Re: Logging time spent in trigger
Author kaczy27
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> Hi all,
Hi, I do not have an exact aneswer for your problem - I don't know
how to time the trigger other then forcing it to popup a messagebox
on windows during the execution of trigger.

But what about speeding up your query instead?
Maybe instead of triggers that delete each and evey row singularly
put some foreign key constraints that will force a cascade delete. I
believe that using the technique your query will execute much faster

CUIN Kaczy
> i'm not an experienced sql user and new to firebird. Maybe someone
> a simple solution for my problem.
> I have a firebird database with many triggers. One of my tables is
> named Patient. If i delete all patients in the table, a cascading
> delete will occur and rows from other tables will be deleted
> The problem is that a statement like
> delete * from Patient;
> lasts very long (about 30 minutes for 400 rows). Is there a simple
> approach to log the time each trigger in the cascading delete
needs ?
> Bjoern