Subject Re: Pocket PC
Author corygm
There is a project out there to do just this but it seems to have
stalled out.

If you are looking for a real relational database for the PocketPC
look at Sybase's SQL Anywhere. It's a full-blown SQL database whose
runtime deployments are royalty-free (except for the network version
which isn't what you'd use for PocketPC deployment anyway). It's got
all you could ask for -- stored procs, triggers, native Java in the
database, full schema support, and built in synchronization with an
enterprise database via Mobilink. Very cool.

It's widely used -- currently about 70% of the mobile database


--- In, Hannes Streicher
<hstreicher@g...> wrote:
> hello all ,
> g> Has anyone looked into weather or not Firebird can be compiled
> g> the Pocket PC? It sure would be nice to have a reall realtional
> g> for mobile devices.
> while i have not compiled it for a pocket pc ( and neither the i
just want to second the
> request , :)
> and to answer a question that was raised on a prior request for
> firebird for ppc , with 2 memory slots (as some of he devices have)
> and gigabyte cards available ,
> a ppc can have up to two gigabyte of online storage , this is
> more then most firebird databases out there ever reach
> --
> regards
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