Subject Re: [firebird-support] Non-root access under Linux?
Author Jaume Sabater
rithban wrote:

> I downloaded and installed the latest Linux RPM
> (FirebirdCS- onto my RedHat 9 laptop.

I am only using Debian, but I think the problem is an UNIX standard file
permissions problem.

> I added /opt/firebird/bin to my .bashrc. Whenever I try to access an
> existing database (e.g. the example employee database), or create a
> new database, I get the following error:


> operating system directive open failed
> -Permission denied

In Debian, as it should be in all distros, Firebird is executed using
the user firebird, so the files that come with the package belong to the
user firebird. Of course, root has permissions to do everything, but you
user do not.

Usually you'll have all the Firebird stuff under firebird user and
firebird group permissions, so just add your user to the firebird group
and check that the firebird group has read and write permissions to the
database file you are trying to connect to.

Jaume Sabater

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