Subject Re: [firebird-support] Strange errors in firebird.log
> You have corruption there, the kind that, unfortunately, seems to happen
> when you have a damaged or dying disk.

It's not the disk. I have been on a exhibition and I had to configure some
notebooks for replication. We use IBReplicator for this. Configuring
replications means, that IBReplicator creates some triggers for logging the
data changes on the local database as well as on the server database. I was
connected to the server database via ISDN and sometimes while creating the
triggers on the server database the ISDN-connection was interrupted. And then
the server database was corrupted. This behaviour is reproducable, when I
create trigger on the server database and interrupt the connection, the the
database is corrupted.
Do you have any idea, why the database gets corrupted? I thought, when the
transaction, in which the trigger will be created, can't finish, all the
changes will be rolled back.