Subject Re: RES: [firebird-support] please recomend a good component toaccess FB 1.5 in Delphi 7, tks
Author David Johnson
On Thu, 2004-08-19 at 02:26, Martijn Tonies wrote: Hi David,

> > What you think about DBExpress (Native Delphi 7) or ZeosLib ?
> >From what I've heard, our dbExpress driver seems to work
> very well ;-)
> In my tests (with Delphi 6), dbExpress failed against firebird and
> interbase both after exactly 2492 insertions in several hundred tests.
> All other tested components worked correctly to the test limit of
> 4,000,000 inserts. While I recommend dbExpress for DB2, quite frankly
> sucks for Interbase/firebird work.

You cannot say that "dbExpress sucks" - what driver(s) did you try?
Do note that our driver trial version has a maximum number of commands
and/or transaction to be executed.

I only tried the Borland drivers shipped with Delphi 6 Enterprise
Edition. I have used Borland's DB2 drivers successfully, but was unable
to complete the first part of my basic functionality test with Borland's
Interbase driver. I did not test any third party Interbase/Firebird
drivers. It is more correct to say that the architecture is neat, but
Borland's implementation of the architecture for Interbase was lacking.