Subject Re: Trying to fix slow query
Author rjschappe
> >That is where I am getting confused, am I supposed to remove my
> >Foreign Key constraints, and add new indices, and then I can
> >my queries?
> Nooooooo!!!! I wasn't suggesting you remove *all* of your FK
> only these "lookup" style ones that cause badly-performing queries.
> The point being made was that, if you want to force the use of your
> index, rather than the one chosen by the optimizer, then your
choices are
> to remove the FK (which in this case makes sense) or to use a
custom plan.
> /heLen


Thanks for the nice explanation!!! I am beginning to see the light...

Do you cover this in your book? .... I can't wait to receive it!!!

I will spend some quality time with the db in question today and will
report back the results.

Thanks again,