Subject Re: RES: [firebird-support] please recomend a good component to access FB 1.5 in Delphi 7, tks
Author David Johnson
> What you think about DBExpress (Native Delphi 7) or ZeosLib ?

>From what I've heard, our dbExpress driver seems to work
very well ;-)

In my tests (with Delphi 6), dbExpress failed against firebird and
interbase both after exactly 2492 insertions in several hundred tests.
All other tested components worked correctly to the test limit of
4,000,000 inserts. While I recommend dbExpress for DB2, quite frankly it
sucks for Interbase/firebird work.

IBO appears to be the most stable and highest performing component in my
tests, with the caveat that it is the least borland like of the
components I tested. It is no more scalable than any other Borland
architecture data connectivity piece, but it is not any less scalable
either. With some minor tuning of my test code base, I was able to get
a 30% improvement in throughput with IBO that I was unable to get with
the other componentized options.

In the end, I decided on the basis of the relative quality of the
database connectivity offerings to move to Java for my firebird
project. The only alternative that came close to meeting my demands for
scalability, reliability, transparency, and performance (in that order)
was to write directly to the Firebird API.

Writing to the Firebird API would have entirely defeated my
transparency requirement. If, on the other hand, "the end customer must
always use firebird" was an acceptable part of my application
requirements, I would have gone the API route.