Subject Re: [firebird-support] Open FireBird Manager-Applet in Windows 98
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hello Bhavbhuti,

> Is it possible to open the FireBird manager (control panel applet)
> in Windows 98 using InnoSetup?

I don't know if you can start it from InnoSetup. I do know that the Fb
Manager applet that comes with the Firebird installation packages does
*not* work under Windows 98. You can get applets that do work at:

(get fbmgr-setup.exe to control Fb 1.0.x, fbcc-0.2.6.exe for 1.5.x)

> At time of reinstalling FireBird on the users machine (due to new
> version) I cannot shutdown the FireBird (W2K services can be
> stopped) in Win98. So if I can start this applet, then atleast I
> can tell the user to click on stop...

If Firebird is running as an application (which is the only mode on
Win98) there will be an icon in the system tray: either from the
Guardian (green/grey, computer tower, inherited from IB) or from the
Firebird server (round, black/yellow, bird). You can tell your user to
right-click on that icon and stop the server. Of course you or your
user must also make sure that the "old" server isn't started again at
the next bootup...

Paul Vinkenoog