Subject Re: gbak frozen! - what should I do?
Author kaczy27
> gbak is not failing garbage collection. I think its more a matter
of there
> being a huge amount of garbage collection to do in some cases,
which can
> take time - sometimes, it can take a LOT of time, so the process
appears to
> have hung. On really big databases I have waited as long as an
hour for
> garbage collection. Had the user in the related thread had the
time to wait,
> the garbage collection would have eventually finished and the
> completed.
so maybe just add some kind of progress bar to inform that the
program is still working? Something happy like: "0.998 GB garbage
collected, 0.999 GB garbage collected, 1.000 GB garbage collected",
ten little indians spring in mind :).
That would help for sure, lack of message is not always good
message, especially under windows.

> Regards
> Gary

CUIN Kaczy