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> Hi,
hi, thx, for aneswer

> > On the other hand maybe there is a better solution using
> > transactions or triggers sequences. I have the trigger the do
> > on the table after some insert/update actions. What I want is to
> > fire the trigger after a sequence of individual inserts/updates
> > complete. The first thing I came up with is to deactivate
> > and activate it before the last in the sequence.
> This idea isn't multi-user safe anyway.
> What are these actions?

I have a table of objects that is linked to itself via
ID - primary key
ID_parent - foreign key
value - let say that it is integer

the parent object contain the sum of all integers below (the tree is
multilevel with varying depth from 1 to 10 levels)

I built the trigger that make an update everytime (the update fire
the same trigger at level higher). It has to be done that way
because recalculation 'on fly' is not an option.

The exact agregate operation may vary and could be quite complex,
therefore I need it to execute the trigger once after a group of
insert will be done instead of the current recalculation of all
levels after every change.

The whole thing should be multiuser safe - I believe commiting all
changes in a single transaction should ensure that.

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