Subject Re: [firebird-support] please recomend a good component to access FB 1.5 in Delphi 7, tks
Author Martijn Tonies
> Tks, see above...

I guess you mean "below" ;-)

> > What you think about DBExpress (Native Delphi 7) or ZeosLib ?
> >From what I've heard, our dbExpress driver seems to work
> very well ;-)
> No, seriously - your question isn't the right one.
> First, you need to make up your requirements -
> eg: do you need to access multiple different database engines
> from a single codebase?
>> Yes, I need.

I'd say that any Firebird specific component set can be
thrown from the door then.

Now, next question: which database engines do you need
to support?

If they all fit into the Zeos category, is it easy with Zeos
to switch engines? Even if so, is their the possibility that
a new engine should be added that's not in the Zeos set?
If so, you can throw Zeos away... Right?

> eg: do you want a 2-tier application, or a multi-tier one?
> Yes, I want.

Both of them?

> eg: do you require specialized GUI components that accept
> your data-acess components?
> Yes.

So the component set needs to support TDataset?

Go on, ask yourself these questions, write down a set
of requirements and then search for componentsets that
meet these requirements.

With regards,

Martijn Tonies
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