Subject Re: [firebird-support] Why after reboot my server I can't access to FB ?
Author Helen Borrie
At 09:42 PM 17/08/2004 -0300, you wrote:
>Perhaps you are right !
>I uninstall the FB reboot my Server (W2k) and install FB again, I select
>the option Start Like a Service, and in the Windows Log file I see the
>EventID: 251 - FirebirdGuardianDefaultInstance - Information
>Description: A description for eventide (251) on the server
>(FirebirdGuardianDefaultInstance) can't be found. The local computer
>can't obtain the informations about register or files DLL mensages
>necessary to exibit mensages in one remote computer. The next
>information are part of Server Started Guardian starting:
>So, I can't connect to the database, yet.
>Then I reboot my server again to see anothers informations in the W2K
>log, and see the same mensage.
>Why ? What kind of mistake I doing ? the installation is simple.

Watching this thread, I'm still not clear whether you understand that
rebooting the server machine stops everything, including the database
service (or application).

If a client had an active connection to a database at the time you rebooted
the server, then that connection is gone permanently. If your client
application is not capable of performing a logical disconnection from the
(now non-existent) server, then you would have to close and restart the
application in order to connect to the (now restarted) server.

Rebooting the server is not something you should plan to do if you are
running a database server with remote clients. On the other hand, if you
have a network where the server is likely to crash or lose power, then your
remote applications must be written with the capability to respond
appropriately when the connection is killed. The usual way is to catch the
exception message that you reported and take care of the
disconnect...reconnect process.

The "log" that people are asking you about is "firebird.log", a text file
located in the Firebird root directory on the server machine. The Windows
event log doesn't tell you anything useful.