Subject Database File Size
Author Gary Benner
HI all, We have a database used in a real-time environment, with a reasonable amount of data being collected. The data is replicated to a second copy of the database ("offline"), and the "online" database is purged daily, retaining the last 7 days worth of data. The database file size after backup-restore is about 50Mb. Each day it continues to grow, even though we are backing up daily (sweeping is part of the backup as we understand). I would have expectated that the database would reach a file size where any new records would be using the space cleared by the sweep process, and that the file size would reach a limit and grow no further. However it seems to grow continually, and not reach a particular file size. Due to the fact that the software is part of a 24 x 7 control system (attached to a Scada System), it is not going to be that easy to automate a daily backup AND restore. We may have to do that, but for the moment I cannot understand why the file si
ze is continuing to grow. Any ideas? kind regards Gary Ref#: 41006

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