Subject Re: [firebird-support] gbak frozen! - what should I do?
Author Aage Johansen
rjschappe wrote:

> I was doing my usual backup and was eating my lunch and watching gbak
> in verbose mode backing everthing up on our medium sized database
> (around 1.5 million records across 74 tables)
> gback got about half way done and on one of the larger tables... it
> backed up 140,000 Records Written and now it is just sitting there!!!
> I ran gfix prior to my backup and it did not report a thing.
> Help please! I don't want to corrupt this database...
> I am not sure of how to proceed...
> Thanks for any suggestions!!!

1. Aborting gbak (when backing up) should not corrupt the database, gbak is
just another program (almost!).

2. I've seen this happen (Fb/0.9.x). Could not explain it. Killed the
process, and tried once more.

3. Out of space on the device ?

4. Do post some details on your situation: OS version, Fb version (or
Interbase version), and more.

Aage J.