Subject Re: [firebird-support] exists(EXECUTE STATEMENT ...
Author Bjoern Reimer
>> Tat's not easy!
>> 1. It's possible. Why? In Dialect 1 I didn't have a choice! In dialect
>> 3 I do have.

MT> Yeah... that's a good reason ;-)

Well, why did they implement it in dialect 3? :-)

>> 2. I can use keywords as field names.

MT> Which, IMO, is always a "not so smart" thing to do.
Yes, but its hard to tell people who are changing from access to a
real database to avoid some words.

>> 3. Mixed Case writing is visible in db documentation which increases
>> readability a lot (I'm using IBExperts "Generate HTML
>> documentation" feature)

MT> True.

>> 4. I can avoid the separator "_" as I use "FirstName" not FIRST_NAME. On
>> longer identifiers as "PersonsFirstName" or PERSONS_FIRST_NAME
>> there is no difference in length any more.

MT> Anyway, you can still write

MT> SELECT FirstName, Adress, LastName
MT> etc...

MT> if you have created the column as FIRSTNAME. :-)

Yes, but I don't write it. I export the field list from tools via clipboard!

MT> IMO, the double quotes are a pain... And they were a pain
MT> to implement properly in tools as well :-)

Well, I don't want to implement a tool and I think my dbworkbench
works perfectly with mixed case :-)


Björn Reimer