Subject Re: [firebird-support] exists(EXECUTE STATEMENT ...
Author Bjoern Reimer
>>But would be a nice enchantment, wouldn't it?
>>As EXISTS only Checks, whether there is a result or not it should be
>>possible I think.

HB> Well, you could say that, in terms of what it returns. In fact, what it
HB> really does is that it executes the SELECT statement in its argument and
HB> starts accumulating output rows. As it eliminates each row, it discards it
HB> and moves on. It exits immediately with True if it finds one row. If it
HB> doesn't find a row at all, it will keep going until the set is exhausted,
HB> before returning False.

Yes, and count(*) will always move through the whole result set.
Therefore I wanted to use EXISTS.

>>Yes, but I normally I use mixed case variables. They are better
>>readable I think! But I know that many people are to lazy to enter
>>this two chars....

HB> Saving on keystrokes and improving visual clarity isn't laziness...clean
HB> coding conventions are much more readable than double quotes and the
HB> problems associated with them.

Which problems?
I don't have any with quotes.
Ok, when using Perl or PHP you have to be a little bit careful... :-)


Björn Reimer