Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: isql client and passwords
Author Jacqui Caren
rcrfb wrote:
> But remember:
> on Linux, with the command 'ps -e e' the environment of each process
> will be displayed.

Only if you are "root". If you do not have approriate privs
you will only see env for your processes - other such as
"A=1 B=2 sleep 30" will not show up.

> So it is possible for another user on the same host
> to 'read' these environment variables while the 'isql' command is running
> (or another process is running in the shell where the environment
> variables have been specified).

If individual users have this ability then I suggest you consider
securing/upgrading your system this is an old fixed security

Also consider using ISC_...=user ISC_...=pass isql ....
so that you do not have to keep set and clear the env of
the forking shell.