Subject RE: [firebird-support] FB 1.5 Connection lost problem
Author Alan McDonald
> This seems to be either a 'feature' of Linux or something inside
> the Linux version of Firebird. I see this on my Linux Server as
> well (Fedora Core 2). I have never seen it happen with Firebird
> running under Windows. It is simple to duplicate: on a client
> machine, run isql, connect to a database, play with it (show
> tables, whatever), then leave isql alone for a while. Next time
> you try to issue a command via that isql session, it will freeze
> for a while and then finally report that the server connection
> was terminated. I have no explanation for it at this time, but
> find it very highly annoying.... In one's own code, one could
> certainly set up a periodic 'keepalive' request, but of course
> that won't work in isql.
> Dan.

I never use isql, but I keep a connection from IBExpert to a linux box open
with no activity and I only ever loose the connection if I pull the cable
out of one of the boxes or reboot it... I wonder what IBExpert is doing via
the client that isql is not?
If I had had that problem, I would have been searching for ages for a
network card problem - maybe I would have been wasting my time?