Subject RE: [firebird-support] security and local Linux users
Author Alan McDonald
> I'm new to Firebird. I'm looking at it with a view to collecting
> information
> for an article on "alternative" (i.e. non-dolphin orientated, or
> "better")
> open source databases.
> I have installed the current Linux 1.5.1 Superserver rpm on SUSE
> Linux 9.1 and
> it's running fine. I've been experimenting with user permissions
> and I notice
> that it is possible to connect to the sample "employees" database
> and also to
> the security database as _any_ Linux user on the local system without
> providing a username and password, and without that user being
> registered in
> the Firebird security database (the only user in security.fdb at
> this point
> is SYSDBA). I can then both modify data and create tables and databases.
> SELECT user FROM RDB$DATABASE shows the name of the Linux user.
> With other databases I'm familiar with (particularly MySQL, PostgreSQL
> and Oracle) it's only possible connect to the database as a database user,
> and actions are of course limited to that user's permissions.
> My questions are:
> - is this normal behaviour for Firebird?
> - how can I force local users only to connect with a valid
> database username /
> password?
> - is there any documentation on this?
> Thanks for any answers and apologies in advance if I've
> overlooked something
> blindingly obvious.
> Ian Barwick

Documentation? please go to for a complete documentation
Use the Interbase 6 guides as a base and then the release notes (pdf
supplied with your install) as the final say of changes since IBV6.
As for your ability to log on to all these databases without supplying a
username or password - this is not as designed but can be explained by the
presence of environement variables for same or your use of the ROOT at the
As I remember, the install may be creating the env variables for you. Have
you checked?