Subject Re: AIX
Author Aage Johansen
nelsonteixeira777 wrote:
> Well, i would like to ask a couple of things
> 1st:
> I have installed FB 1.03 in an IBM NetFinity 2 processor 64 Bits AIX
> machine. I have also loaded in part of the data of our currently
> running Oracle database. Actually, I=B4m doing performance tests for
> choosing between Firebird and Postgres as an Open Source database we
> would like to implement in the company for some of the applications.
> One of the tables I loaded is 4.127.269 records long. I didn=B4t include
> in any of the test databases anything that can improve performance
> like indexes and tablespaces. Just created the tables, loaded the data
> and run the queries right after database installation. Firebird
> performed far worst than Postgres. What=B4s wrong ? ...
> ...

If "select count(*) from SOMETABLE" is your test, you have found the part
that will be slow (slowest?).
Not using indexes may not provide you with relevant test results.
Could you say something about your tests?

Aage J.