Subject Re: [firebird-support] Import FoxPro .dbf data to FireBird .fdb? (Memo fields special case)
Author Martijn Tonies

> Is there any easy and quick way to import FoxPro .dbfs data into a
> .fdb?
> The FoxPro .dbfs will contain lots of memo fields with unknown text
> of clients correspondences, which include embedded carriage returns and
> line feeds.
> I am aware of varchar in FireBird but it still requires a length to be
> specified for the field, what type is there in FireBird to allow (well
> almost <g>) perpetual text content lengths.

BLOB subtype TEXT.

> I am supposed to create a Visual FoxPro 6 application from an old FoxPro
> DOS application and I would like to convert the old data to FireBird
> than VFP .dbf and yet use VFP as a Front-end for the new application. So
> right now my concern is converting data possibilities and it's

You might want to get your hands on a converter tool.
Database Workbench comes to mind (it always does in my
mind ;-) - see

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