Subject Re: fbserve - zombie processes
Author rcrfb
--- In, "rcrfb" <rcr@m...> wrote:
> Hi all,
> now running the FB SuperServer (1.5.1) on Linux (SuSe 9.0) some time
> without
> any problems, after installation of some OS-Patches (I don't know
> which ones,
> but I could figure it out if that's needed) the following Problem
> Before the OS-Patches, the Process list contained one 'fbguard' and some
> (~20) 'fbserver' processes; this number remains "constant" (depending
> on the
> number of active databaseconnections).
> Now after the OS-Patch, there are only up to three (plus some for each
> active
> connection) 'fbserver' processes; but there are a lot of
> 'fbserver'-zombies,
> that won't be cleaned up:
> ~> ps -ef | grep fb
00:00:00 [fbserver] <defunct>
> Does anyone know that problem - and is there any possible resolution?
> Roger

The problem has been solved by our SysAd.
The problem arised when a newer Kernel has been installed that
containt some problems with Threads; installing a new Kernel
made an end with these Zombies.