Subject Re: [firebird-support] Fb & PHP
Author Constantijn Wolfs
Aage Johansen wrote:

>Someone wants to connect to a Firebird database (1.5) using PHP - what
>advice can I give so that he can connect succesfully?
>Is it sufficient to just install the client software (and PHP does "the rest")?

I answer this question because:
1. I'm a lousy programmer;
2. Rather new with Fb
3. Totally new with PHP
But connecting to and quering a Fb db with PHP was a piece of cake.
Everything is well documented in PHP-help.
In order to execute executable and selectable sp's though, I installed
PHP 5 which contains an improved IB/FB.

Also: there is a Firebird-php group at yahoo.
No doubt Lester will come with more details.