Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird Issues
Author Aage Johansen
delphic_viper wrote:
> Sorry this has taken so long!!!
> Firebird version
> We have not changed anything about the transaction isolation
> settings. In a few areas we begin and commit our own transactions
> but this is not common. Our TransIsolation is set to ReadCommited.
> We've noticed that the BDE admin on the development PCs has the
> option of wait on locks. This is not an option on the workstation
> pc's or the server. I can run a huge SQL script on my local machine
> and then try to access another table and cause a transaction deadlock
> error. In the show room they have noticed that this most often
> happens when they give away free gemstones and all ~15 operators are
> accessing the same inventory record to add to their order at the ame
> time. This is the only time there is a definite pattern in the
> deadlock errors. I let the DB go for about a week w/o doing a backup
> and restore since I was told that the DBSize was not an issue and it
> would cap off at about 200MB. Over that week it grew to nearly
> 400MB. I don't know if this matters or not.

Please post the statistics from the header page when the database is
slow/big. Does a backup+restore "solve" the problem (for a short time)?
Have you considered replacing the BDE?

Aage J.