Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird Shutdown - from command line
Author Nando Dessena

s> fbserver -a

s> Now i want firebird to be shutdown when my server shuts down. How do
s> i achieve this?

this is a FAQ. Unfortunately I don't know any completely satisfactory
answer. If you're on Windows and the server is setup to create an
internal window (which enables the local IPC protocol) then you can
just send a WM_CLOSE message to that window and have the server shut
down in a mostly clean way.

If you have disabled internal window creation (which is necessary if
f. ex. you want several instances of fbserver active at the same time)
then I'm clueless. I'm currently doing TerminateProcess() after having
made sure that no database is in use (which is a tricky part by

I find the current state of affairs a bit messy, anyway it looks like
the problem is not very a common one, otherwise someone would have
looked into fixing it/documenting it already.

Nando Dessena
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