Subject Re: Cannot connect to a local database
Author phil_hhn
--- In, Lester Caine <lester@l...> wrote:
> phil_hhn wrote:
> > Anyone out there have any ideas? This is quite a problem having a
> > developer who is unable to browse the datanase (with IBExpert)....
> Which versions of things? OS, Firebird
> Can you connect to his from your machine?
> What happens if you try and create a new database in IBExpert?
> Can you drop on a copy of IB_SQL and see what that does when trying to
> connect.

WinXP SP1,
Firebird 1.5:
fbserver.exe (WI-V1.5.0.4306)
fbguard.exe (WI-V1.5.0.4306)
IBExpert 2004 (2004.4.1.1)

I cannot create a new database on their PC using IBExpert (I get the
same error).
I've tried connecting to their database from my IBExpert (register new
database) but again get the same error.
BTW, how can I connect to their server without specifying the database
file? I.e as a client I expect to be able to just specify an IP and
port (defaults to 3050, right? but where can I change it...), but
seems I have to specify the database file also (is this going to work
when it's on their machine?). I can understand this may be necessary
to specify on the server end, but the client should just be able to
connect to the database on a particular IP & port, without specifying
the underlying database file, right?

Where can I find IB_SQL?