Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Maximum speed for insert with embedded server
Author Daniel Rail

At August 11, 2004, 17:18, Milan Babuskov wrote:

> German Gentile en Listas wrote:
>>>Thank you I did that.
>>>I have decided to use external files for that purpose.
>>>My test for loading 1 million records takes 15 seconds.
>>>This is great :-)) !!!
>> With that option, when the databse will write the changes to disk/
>> Is that time under config?

> AFAIK, it depends on the operating system... whenever it decides to
> flush HDD buffers.

Not with the new config parameters, for FB 1.5 on Windows:
MaxUnflushedWrites and MaxUnflushedWriteTime. These parameters are
used to flush the buffers to be written on disk either after a number
of buffer/page writes or an amount of time(since the last buffer/page
write), whichever comes first. And, the Win API that is used will only
return control to FB after the hard-drive itself (not the OS) says
that the data was written to disk.

> Generally, using forced writes = off is not such a
> bad idea if you have stable power supply, operating system and server
> dedicated to Firebird, so you're sure nothing else would intervene.

> However, I run all my systems with forced writes on. I like to sleep
> careless at night ;)

I'm the same.

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