Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird & Zone Alarm
Author Milan Babuskov
Johan van Zyl wrote:
> How do I tell Zone Alarm to allow connections to port 3050 to go through to
> the FireBird server?

It should ask you when you try it.

> Alternatively - can I ditch Zone Alarm - BUT will I be protected then?

Don't be fooled that you are protected now. ZA and similar Windows
programs only protect from *some* of the possible attacks. Many people I
know run several firewalls to keep all holes closed.

It's much easier to have a Linux gateway (some old 486 can do) or
hardware router. Just lockdown everything, and only let in what you
really want.

But, I guess this is really going OT, so I'll stop here.

Milan Babuskov