Subject RE: Windows SPs Re: [firebird-support] Re: Undefined service gds_db/tcp
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> > > > Perhaps, you ment SP4 being a disaster?
> > >
> > > Now THAT is another matter. I'm still on SP3 ;)
> >
> > Yup, me too. SP4 = evil. ;-)
> Ehm... Works fine on my workstation with SP4...
> What was the problem again?

AFAIK a change in the TCP/IP stack, which might
influence any TCP/IP based servers negatively.

Problems when using events were mentioned several
times and reverting back to TCPIP.SYS of SP3 solved
the problem.

Dunno if that still applies to FB 1.5 or 1.5.1, as
I've never upgraded to SP4. ;-)

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