Subject Re: [firebird-support] IB / FB on Linux, Connection Error
Author Helen Borrie
At 07:39 AM 10/08/2004 +0000, you wrote:
>I get the following Error when trying to connect to GDB on Linux box
>I am using TIBO components, (works fine in Win env), and works if I
>load IB or FB on the Client (which is not what we want) (Win machine
>98 thru XP) but irrespective of the way I path to the DB I am unable
>to connect/locate host, yet that is the correct IP. This on versions
>of IB / FB 1.3 and 1.5 ...
>(Also gds32.dll is loaded in the Apps path)
>------------------------- Begin ----------------------------
>ISC ERRORR CODE:335544721
>Unable to complete network request to host "".
>Failed to locate host machine.
>Undefined service gds_db/tcp.
>-------------------------- End -----------------------------
>Operating System: Fedora Core 2 as well as Redhat 7.3
>gds32.dll version is:

Lots of things are wrong here.

1. Use the correct version of the client library!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For
IBO and Fb 1.5 you only need to copy fbclient.dll to the system directory
or the app directory and rename it as gds32.dll (or change your app so it
knows to look for fbclient.dll). You can probably get away with using the
Firebird 1.03 gds32.dll with IB 6, but you'll get event and possibly other
problems using IB 6's gds32.dll (the one you have) with Firebird 1.03.

2. On both the host machine (i.e. where the server is running) and on the
client, you'll need an entry in the hosts file: MyServer #substitute for name you prefer

On win32, this file is in %systemdir%\drivers\etc
On Linux, it should be in /etc

3. Ping the server from the client to confirm that the client can see the
host machine. If ping doesn't respond, you probably have a trust
problem. In that case, put entries in both hosts files for the client and,
in hosts.allow on the server, add the name of the client "host" to the list.

If this gets you there (good ping response) then look at your connection
properties in your IBO connection object. You need:
Server: MyServer (and don't forget it's case-sensitive on Linux)
Path: /opt/databases/mydb.fdb (don't forget case-sens.)
Protocol: TCP/IP

Or, if you use LoginPrompt True, you can enter the connection string into
the login dialog as:
and IBO will work out the protocol.

Some points:
Fb 1.5 won't work on Redhat 7.3.
IB and FB 1.03 might have problems running on Fedora Core 2, because of the
NPTL threading model implemented there. There are instructions in the Fb
1.5 release notes for forcing the OS to use the old threading model. For
Fb 1.5.1, you can use the NPTL build.