Subject RE: [firebird-support] Any idea when IBPhoenix ship the pre-ordered books?
Author Paul Beach
> > Yes. I know that they are teed up with boxes, bookplates and stamps,
> > waiting for the drop from Springer-Verlag, which was supposed to happen
> > late last week. I guess Amazon got theirs on Thursday because they are
> > closer to Ann Arbor, Michigan, where the printing was done. Maybe DHL
> > Worldwide doesn't work weekends...
> I'm waiting for a call from Paul, and am going over to help him pack
> them. They had not come in last week, but will probably take a couple of
> days to clear customs in the UK - who don't do weekends :). They are
> probably still in a container on the Atlantic, but will be shipped as
> soon as they land.

THeya re expected any day, today, tomorrow, wednesday.... So we should
start the process of packing up and shipping out in the next couple
of days. After waiting this long, surely a few more days aren't a problem :-)