Subject Re: [firebird-support] How to use a Domain in a Stored Procedure or Trigger?
Author Cipto
Yes, 100% agree with you, I think Firebird will be more great if adopt this
feature (like %type and %rowtype in Oracle), because it make our code more
manageable (Oracle Magazine May/June 2004 page 55->Self Managing PL/SQL)

btw, what is the website which I can see the future feature that will be
implemented by Firebird 2 ??

> and use a perl script to 'expand/replace' the domain definitions
> using the DOMAIN: comment.
> Being able to use domains would eliminate this "smelly hack".
> Even better, something similar to oracle
> declare variable pID MYTABLE.PID%TYPE;
> Eliminates the possibility that you get the domain wrong.