Subject Re: [firebird-support] Site References?
Author Bob Lazarchik

I work for a Semiconductor Diagnostics in Tampa, Florida. We have been
using Firebrid since it became firebird having switched from Interbase when
Firebird went Open Source. We manufacture metrology tools used in the
computer chip manufacturing process and have over 300 installations around
the world. We keep all our data and tool related information in the
database and have yet to have a database related failure ( A database
failure would bring the tool down ). Even better we keep our log files in a
Firebird database that may at times continually write upwards of 1000
records per minute for hours at a time ( I've seen databases go from 256K to
2GB in a few days time. ) We only run this during diagnostic periods of
tool operation, but have have very good success with Firebird. Our clients
include Infineon, HP, TI, Epson, and Samsung just to name a few.

If I can provide any further information please contact me at my SDI mail
address bob5407@...


Bob Lazarchik.
Senior Programmer
Semiconductor Diagnostics, Inc.

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Subject: [firebird-support] Site References?

> I'm doing a presentation to a group of developers in Northern California
> next month on Firebird, and I'd like to cite some example sites that are
> using Firebird, ideally larger corporate or government sites.
> If anyone has any names that they can give me, I'd really appreciate it.
> This group are US developers, so US sites would be great. Hell, I'd be
> happy to mention some large Interbase sites as well, but I'll take any
> reference sites that I can get. I won't be contacting the sites at all,
> I don't need contact details. Just the names of a few larger sites to
> some feeling of 'comfort' to these developers. If they think that <insert
> big company here> is using Firebird, they'll be far more willing to invest
> the time to evaluate it themselves.
> Thanks
> Myles
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