Subject RE: [firebird-support] Optimisation Question
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> > > OK, maybe like Bulkhead Remover?
> >
> > What's that?
> LOL, it doesn't exist. A bulkhead is a wall (as in structural part of a
> building) in U.S. Navy (and Marine Corp.) parlance. When I was in Navy
> bootcamp, you had to do a week of Galley Duty and the class that was ahead
> of you, trained you on the job and then advanced to next phaze of training.
> Then you worked for a week and trained the next class, etc. The class that
> you were taking over for would always tell you to do things like find
> Bulkhead Remover so you could look like an idiot going around asking for
> something that doesn't exist and get yelled at when you ask a Master Chief
> where to find it :)


> > I've found quite a number of translations for that, but
> > I guess they aren't made of chocolate? ;-)
> European Oreos? :)

Something like that? ;-)