Subject Re: [firebird-support] Optimisation Question
Author Lee Jenkins
> > OK, maybe like Bulkhead Remover?
> What's that?

LOL, it doesn't exist. A bulkhead is a wall (as in structural part of a
building) in U.S. Navy (and Marine Corp.) parlance. When I was in Navy
bootcamp, you had to do a week of Galley Duty and the class that was ahead
of you, trained you on the job and then advanced to next phaze of training.
Then you worked for a week and trained the next class, etc. The class that
you were taking over for would always tell you to do things like find
Bulkhead Remover so you could look like an idiot going around asking for
something that doesn't exist and get yelled at when you ask a Master Chief
where to find it :)

> I've found quite a number of translations for that, but
> I guess they aren't made of chocolate? ;-)

European Oreos? :)