Subject Re: [firebird-support] Amazon are shipping the Firebird Book!
Author Lee Jenkins
>PS: Those of you who cannot convert UK Pounds to $USA are showing your lack
>of intelligence, we in the rest of the world are so used to converting $USA
>to our local currency (at the time of placing the order) that we realize
>currency is a changing (daily) variable & are able to do the simple Maths
>(for Americans read Math).

Isn't that a bit caustic to say in that way? It doesn't seem to encourage
the kind of mutual respect that's important in these groups/lists.

>PPS: How come Australia only has ~20M people (approx. = greater Los
>& yet comes ~ 2nd in Gold medals in the Olympics? I don't want an answer to
>this, save your download (& upload) quotas & praise the Firebird developers
>& supporters instead!

My old sales manager used to say that we could tape an unsigned contract to
a dog's butt and send it wondering through town and eventually, it would
come back signed. Personally, I'd guess that hard work, persistence,
practice and desire probably had much to do with it. ;)

Warm Regards,