Subject RE: [firebird-support] Amazon are shipping the Firebird Book!
Author Ken Galbraith
Hi Guys (in modern Australian jargon this covers females as well)

I am a Firebird newbie & I thought I would do the right thing & order Helens
book from as the profit (& maybe a little extra) would go
towards making the OS DB product even better.

I am totally p**d of (replace * with e if you aren't bright enough to work
it out) with all this talk of getting the book thru' Amazon at a cheaper
price & why should ibphoenix not quote $US as the price bla bla rave rave. I
am an application developer (self employed) and in the last 2 years have
gone through a period of physical & mental illnesses including "clinical
depression", chronic fatigue, sleep apnia, high blood pressure,
"andropause" (use googal if you don't understand this), a glaucoma attack in
my right eye causing a 70% loss of peripheral vision, have had 3 eye
operations, removing cataracts in both eyes and replacing with an IOL (Intra
Ocular lens) and an operation called a trabeculectomy to create a permanent
drain in my right eye to prevent the pressure exceeding the value at which
the optic nerve is damaged even more.

Enough information: I just wanted to get the point across that there is more
in life than $'s & Firebird, IMO has fantastic potential & to bicker about
paying a few dollars (or whatever) more to purchase it through ibphoenix
rather than chase the cheapest source down is (again IMO) downright skingy
(as M$ spell check doesn't understand "skingy", it is an Australian word to
describe someone who never "shouts" a round of drinks at a bar (in case
"shouts" is also an Aussie term, it means buys!)

Get your act together guys! Helen & the other members of the Firebird Help
forum team (as well of course, the Development team members, & I won't even
attempt to mention names, ('cos they know who they are) are doing a
fantastic job, and all some of you can do is winge (I hope that's a
universal term, however M$ spell check again doesn't recognize it [ it means
complain for no reasonable reason, on & on]) about the cost & when it will
be sent.

Having got that all off my chest, I may sleep better & worry less about when
I will receive my copy of Helen's book. I hope you can all do the same.

Ken A Galbraith
Managing Director
Hospitality Software Support

PS: Those of you who cannot convert UK Pounds to $USA are showing your lack
of intelligence, we in the rest of the world are so used to converting $USA
to our local currency (at the time of placing the order) that we realize
currency is a changing (daily) variable & are able to do the simple Maths
(for Americans read Math).

PPS: How come Australia only has ~20M people (approx. = greater Los Angeles)
& yet comes ~ 2nd in Gold medals in the Olympics? I don't want an answer to
this, save your download (& upload) quotas & praise the Firebird developers
& supporters instead!

PPPS: Thanks Helen et al for your wonderful effort. I recently downloaded
1.5.1 (my first Firebird download) & installed it and it was a breeze (as
easy or easier than "plastic wrapped ) software, thanks guys.

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> > Does IBPhoenix have a US distribution point or is it being shipped ($)
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> > England. The IBPhoenix site should also list the price in US$.
> Nope, we do not. And why should I list the price is $US when I am having
> to buy the
> book in £UK? Even if I listed the price in $US, you would still have to
> pay in £UK.
> Regards
> Paul
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