Subject AW: AW: [firebird-support] Terminal Server
Author Steffen Heil

> I'm getting there ;)
> Login to TS must be from different user names - so now I have 'room1' and
'room2' and the cookie information does not get shared :)

Sorry to insist on this, but even if you log into the TS with the same user,
session do not get shared. This is not how IE works.
Anyway, having different users makes your life easier. See below.

> Now I'm trying to work out how to get at the API from another machine, but
I have a few bits to play with checking out what each browser does via TS.

I think there is no way to get the process id of a remote http session.
Therefor you will not get the terminal session id and once again, no client
name. You would need something local with access to the process id of the
browser, such as activex...

> The users love tabbed browsing once they see it, and often they need three
or four links open when dealing with a client, for which IE is a pain.

IE does not support this itself, but there are a lot of addons (like
"netcaptor") wich add that functionallity while still using IE under the

> So I need to do a bit more home work yet ;)

For tabs?

> There was a package done in 2002 that identified the users ...

IF the browser is IE, you can use Windows internal authentication (NTLN).
This can work without showing login boxes to the user.
See as a starting point.