Subject Re: Gfix bug ?
Author rcrfb
Yes, I can :-(

I'm struggling with this behaviour every night at the moment.
Every night I need to exchange an existing database with a newer
one, but I'm not able to drop the database or to use 'gbak -r'
on that database because I'm not able to shut down all applications
accessing that db.

My solution actually is to shut down the whole Firebird (Super)Server;
but worse - all databases are concerned by that action, not only
the database I need to replace :-(((


--- In, A6-CMO Philippe Makowski
<makowski@a...> wrote:
> Le 20/06/2004 19:14, Ivan Prenosil a écrit :
> >>gfix -force does prevent new connections and it does prevent existing
> >>connections from doing anything. But it seems that the existing
> >>connection still keeps a grip on the database file.
> >
> >
> > I noticed it too, and think it is a bug
> > (what is interesting is that if you ask to get list of connections,
> > the offending "connection" is not there, so the file is hold for
no reason.)
> >
> I think that this bug still exists in the Firebird 1.5.1 version
> can you confirm ?
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