Subject Re: Does Firebird need "compact" process
Author itcmanggadua
--- In, Aage Johansen <aagjohan@o...>
> Svein Erling Tysvær wrote:
> > Read this:
> >
> "Maximum size of one file: 4GB on most platforms; 2GB on some
platforms" ???
> Isn't this page in need of a revision?
> --
> Aage J.

It seems so. I read about the limitation from that page also, although
it said "Interbase" as oppose to "Firebird". I suggest "only limited
by operating system" wording so a newbie will not misunderstand and
therefore will not prefer other db.

Thanks for all the answers.

Conclusion: There is no hassle for "compact"-ing database. So I can
use Firebird and doing online backup, and as long as I do not need to
restore (which I may not need frequently) Firebird can always fly.
There is no limitation on database size.