Subject Re: [firebird-support] select first fails with view
Author sugi
> Select first 1 * from sometable works.
> Select first 1 * from v_someview fails:
> TIBOInternalDataset:
> "<TIB_Session>.<TIBOQuery>.<TIBOInternalDataset>."
> The view is based on the table, and works fine if I don't have 'FIRST
> 1'.
This is an old IBO 4.2.x bug, not a firebird bug. If you can access
yahoogroups' IBObjects message archive, search for the "[IBO] Parser
messes up SQL containing FIRST" thread from october 2003.

If i remember correctly, this error showed up with normal tables too,
not just views. The quick-and-dirty solution was to turn off the
KeyLinksAutoDefine property.