Subject Re: Does Firebird need "compact" process
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
Read this:

in general, most of us never care about the maximum limits since they
probably will be increased long before we experience such a problem.

-more worried about the maximum size of my body than Firebirds limits

--- In, "itcmanggadua" wrote:
> I am new to Firebird. From what I read in this list it seems that
> Firebird quite superior database. However I have little question,
> does Firebird requiring - from time to time - to compact the
> database...such as what is needed in Cloudscape.
> Another question is how do you handle the limitation on table size
> (I read somewhere that it is limited to max 4GB). How is Firebird
> performance as a function of database size .....
> Thanks for any enlightenment.
> Ogud dari Jakarta juga.