Subject Re: Java ODBC related problem
Author Alejandro
--- In, "Alejandro" <amosteo@u...>
> Hi,
> I'm trying to do some queries to a firebird database (windowsxp, fb
> 1.5.1). I've configured the ODBC source and it tests OK, I can
> connect from a variety of ODBC clients and it works okay.
> I've written a simple java test program and it also works ok.
> However, when I try to connect from a servlet I get:
> java.sql.SQLException: unavailable database
> I'm not using connection pools or anything, just a direct
> established the same way that in the java test program which works.
> Furthermore, the same servlet connects ok to another ODBC database
> (not firebird but access).
> Any ideas why this can happen? I've seen an old usenet post with
> problem in firebird but without answers.

Just for the record.

I don't know why the stand-alone version worked and the servlet not,
but I've found the solution in PHP and ASP groups where other people
had the same problem:

You have to prefix the path to the database with <server>: in the ODBC
source, even for local connections.

For example: