Subject Re: [firebird-support] FB 1.5.1 on Linux Mandrake 10, NTPL or the other ?
Author Milan Babuskov
Helen Borrie wrote:
>>"ultra-new" : well... I asked some people around me about which Linux
>>distro I should install to get something decent (reasonably easy /
>>reasonably complete / reasonably not out of date). They suggested me
>>Mandrake. Went to the website, signed up for a membership, downloaded
>>the one currently available (v10) without checking if it was old by 15
>>days or 15 weeks. Nothing nor nobody warned me Mandrake 10 was a beta.
>>Or very fresh unstable. To my eyes, it doesn't look so at least.
> I think the commercial distros are final - I'm sure I saw an announcement
> on slashdot about a week ago.

There are two flavors of Mandrake 10. One is that freely downloadable
version (beta), aka "community edition", and the other is commercial
(i.e. you pay for membership) which is final.

Milan Babuskov