Subject Re: [firebird-support] My FDB corrupted after power failure...
Author Lester Caine
kfkong wrote:

> I am using my FB1.5 on win98, during my transactions someone
> accidentally unplugged my pc power. Afer restart the pc, my fdb
> cannot connected.

First question. Your setup did have ForcedWrite on ( this should be the
default for 1.5 )

> I thought SQL DB can protect problem like these to happened. Or is
> this a known bug in FB1.5? I had experienced in power failure when I
> was using ASA but my db was not corrupted. Can someone explain to me
> why FB will have this problem? I thought FB should be intelligent
> enough to rollback all incomplete transactions in order to keep data
> integrity.

Have you tried a simple backup and restore ( to a different file name ).
If you have a copy of IBOConsole ( very useful for this sort of thing )
then you can ignore transactions in limbo and checksums.

Interbase(5/6) would just put it's legs up in these sorts of cases,
Firebird is better but may just need some help.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services