Subject RE: [firebird-support] Looking for some suggestions...Vertical market apps
Author Myles Wakeham
> On 02-Aug-2004 06:50:03, Alan McDonald wrote:
> My application and DBs share a version number. (app gets an additional
> and minor revision, db gets a major revision. When a schema change is
> required by the app, both app and db get a major revision increment.
> At this stage a DB comare is run between the dev copy (source) and the
> copy (target). An SQL script is the end product here which is manually
> checked and inserted into a script component of the app. Each time the app
> runs it checks the major app revision with the db app revision. If db>app,
> the app terminates with appropriate message to upgrade the app. If db<app,
> then the app runs the script, disconnects and reconnects.
> One weak spot (if you like) is during an upgrade install. This has to be
> done on one machine with noone else connected. (I stipulate this). This
> upgrade is then run, it does it's work, and can remain running while all
> other desktops are upgraded. Once this first one is done, the other
> won't run until they are upgraded. This makes for good protection.

This looks pretty much like what we were expecting to develop. A couple of
questions from your answers:

a. Where do you store the version number of the DB? Is this in data in
the database or somewhere in meta data?
b. Is there a way that you know, where an application can detect if
other users are logged into the database, to be sure that they can run any
utility scripts without logged in users getting in the way?
c. You mentioned that there is no need to unload the data from the
database when the schema is altered. Am I to assume, that statements like
'ALTER TABLE', etc. will not affect data stored in the tables in Firebird?


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